Meal Dinner Plan #1


Welcome to week one of Meal plans I am so excited to get these plans to you weekly to help inspire your meals and home cooking for the week.

Knowing on Sunday what you are cooking for the week will also allow you to go throughout your day without the “dinner cloud” over your head.  You know the one that is always nagging,  “what are you going to make for dinner tonight?” “Should you start defrosting that chicken?” “Hurry and run to the market before after school pick-up!”

I will post a balanced variety of meals every week, although I assume most of you don’t cook every night.  No matter.  I don’t either since I usually take Saturday nights off.  Take the meals that you think work for you and build your own meal plan around them given your schedule and your family’s personal preferences.  Obviously there will be dietary intolerances and allergies to contend with, so feel free to leave me a comment if you need help making a substitution.

Here is the Plan for this week:

Monday – Make ahead Turkey Meatballs , love to serve these with roasted potatoes and veggies

Tuesday – Sweet potato flatbread tacos, cook up your favorite protein in taco seasoning and grab your favorite taco toppings

Wednesday – Tomato soup , I love to serve with a grilled cheese

Thursday – Crispy Pork Tomato Eggplant Pasta , taste of italy

Friday – 3 ingredient Pesto Salmon , fast dinner for the end of the week

Saturday- Banana Baked oatmeal great fro brunch and enjoy the night off

Sunday – Steak with Pistachio Salsa Verde , serve with your favorite veggie and potato or rice!

I hope you have an amazing week and happy cooking XOXO

Meal Dinner Plan #1

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