About Me

Welcome to Savor the Kitchen

Hi! I’m Danielle and welcome to Savor the Kitchen – my home away from home. I started this blog to share recipes with friends, family members, and for anyone else who loves food as much as I do. I am a self-taught home chef and I hope to inspire everyone to get back to cooking family meals together and eating around the table. I love GOING to the farmers market on the weekends and picking the freshest in-season ingredients. I get inspired daily by the fruits and vegetables in season and my childhood experiences of cooking with my mom and grandma. I am all about cooking and eating whole foods using every color in the rainbow!

A few Fun Facts

  • I have a degree is Hospitality and worked with Montage Hotels for 5 years out of College
  • I absolutely love peanut butter and all nut butters – you will definitely find a lot of my recipes including these.
  • So far I have lived in 7 states: California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, South Carolina/Georgia, Texas and West Virginia!
  • I am originally from California but I love the mountains and seasons. Being in nature is my happy place and a reason why I recently moved back to park City Utah!!
  • I am a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I love learning about health as much as I love to cook.