I’m Danielle

A health and wellness expert! AKA The Kitchen Doctor 

I help busy moms make quick and delicious meals at home, get rid of processed food, learn to meal plan/prep and stock the kitchen with the tools and foods needed to make healthy cooking delicious and fun. 

Count Colors, Eat the Rainbow and  Fuel the day with love, connection and use food as medicine!

Are you tired of making the same meals over and over? 

Tired of feeling like you fail every time the family doesn’t eat what you cook? 

Want to get healthy and just don’t know where to start? 

Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? 

Say goodbye to the overwhelm of picky eaters and get the family eating more whole foods 

Get the energy you dream of, reduce fatigue and the feeling of drag when it comes to cooking

How you will grow when working with me:

  • Find Clarity on  healthy food, fill your plate and kitchen with the colors of the rainbow
  • You will learn  how to read nutrition labels and navigate the grocery store to save you time, money and stress  
  • Have fun cooking in the kitchen – Color to your food will add color to your life 
  • Clean out your pantry and kitchen say goodbye to processed foods, toxins and hello to living a life in color 
  • Develop a planning system so you are set up for success each week for stress free meal planning and prepping 
  • Get organized (not the Home Edit Style) but with the right tools and ingredients to make healthy cooking easy  


  • Weekly Live coaching call with Danielle Christy
  • Guidance on cooking, preparing and buying healthy whole foods
  • Developing meal planning and prepping routines to work for your schedule and get back to having Family meals again
  • Nutrition and cooking Q&As
  • PDF print outs including recipe blueprints, grocery store guides, how to store foods and many more!

Heal with Real Food 

As the kitchen doctor the only prescriptions I give are living life in more color and finding JOY in the kitchen again. Treat the kitchen as your canvas and paint with the colors of the rainbow. We are all our unique artist and when you use a diversity a colors it brings out our best work. 

One of my favorite aspects of coaching is being able to provide accountability, resources, tools and motivation to my clients. We get to work together to create those layers in your foundation, to identify what in YOUR life brings you joy, and learn how to shop, prepare and eat the foods you love in a healthy way. Bring diversity into your kitchen and learn to cook foods with a ton of flavor and ease. 

We will SAVOR the kitchen one bite at a time. 

S– Simple : give you the tools and techniques to live the healthy lifestyle you dream of 

A– Approachable : being healthy and cooking at home does not have to be complicated anyone can do it

V– Variety : the world is filled with colors and flavors you will never have boring chicken breasts and broccoli again you will meal plan and prep your way to deliciousness 

O– Organized : the Kitchen is the heart of the home and will be organized and optimized to make healthy meals in a flash 

R– Recipes : You will learn the basic fundamentals to cooking and have a plethora of recipes in your repitore to make at anytime  

Drop the stress, perfection  and overwhelm of food and health and grab your favorite tunes and get ready to build a place that heals, builds memories and conversations that last a lifetime. 

Meet your Coach

In my years as a Personal Chef and Health Coach , I’ve learned that eating and cooking heathy meals is not a one time act or a diet fix – it’s a decision you make day in and day out. A journey that gets you to learn and find your healthiest YOU! Get back to having family meals again, take the guess work out of what’s for dinner and have a fully stocked kitchen so you can thrive in your daily life . I will coach and walk you through developing daily, life- changing habits to diversify your food and eat the rainbow. Ditch the boxes and fill the kitchen with real food. I am beyond excited to start 2021 with you, to work towards your health and wellness goals through the kitchen.

Join me  and change your life through food!


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