What is in Season: June

What is in season June edition!

Happy June everyone! I thought it would be fun to start sharing each month a few of my favorite fruits and vegetables are in season for the month. Plus some tips on how to pick the freshest produce and my favorite ways to cook them. With the weather warming up and the season changing we are moving from the oven to the bbq. Eating more outside and meals that aren’t quite as heavy like the winter months! I highly encourage if you have a farmers market near buy to pay it a visit and get as much produce there as possible. Not only is there more nutrients but the taste is incredible.

Here is the rundown on what is in season for June:

Beets – Look for medium sized, healthy green tops and ruby red flesh, try to buy with greens intact. Favorite ways to cook- roasted, hummus, beet chips, smoothies, pesto with the greens 

Blueberries- Buy organic, look for firm berries as they continue to ripen after picked. Favorite Ways to cook- sauces for meat, baked crisps, summer salads, dressings and jam.  

Strawberries – Buy organic dirty dozen, ruby red with green stems, smell sweet very fragrant. Favorite ways to cook- make jam, smoothies, savory salsas, breakfast bowls, roasted and raw!

Leeks – More white than green parts, smaller means more flavor and you want a firm tight base. Favorite ways to cook – roast, grill, braise, ferment 

Radishes – Make sure the greens are green and healthy not wilted and check that the radish itself is whole and not cracked. Favorite ways to cook- pickled, grilled, roasted 

Cucumbers – Buy organic, pick firm cucumbers with no blemishes on the skin, retain more flavor when not stored in the fridge. Favorite ways to eat/cook – pickled, salads, snacks, peel and a simple saute.  

Green Beans – Look for brightly colored beans that snap easily when bent, skin should be smooth and buy them around the same size so cooking times are the same. Favorite ways to cook : grilled, sautéed, pickled, bake in a gratin and roasted.

Spring Greens and Herbs – If you can try a piece before buying, look for vibrant color and full leaves try to avoid sad looking wilted leaves, if you go to the farmers market shop early as the greens get wilted with the heat! Eat them as soon as possible they make incredible salads and pestos.

Mango – Smell sweet and fragrant near the stem, avoid any bruising on skin, ripe when firm with a little give just like the inside of your palm. Favorite ways to cook mangos – salsas, smoothies, cocktails, grilled 

Cherries – Buy organic! cherries are a part of the dirty dozen, firm ruby red color, stems are green and check the bag to make sure there are no molded/ bruised cherries in the bag. Favorite ways to cook cherries – salsa, crisps, savory sauces, smoothies 

Here is a link for the environmental working group where they share the dirty dozen and clean fifteen for produce!