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Want to
Cook more at home, save money, eat the rainbow, get back to family melas and become a more confident cook?
Join me in
The kitchen as we cook are way through the seasons, learn quick tips and creative ways to add more vegetables to your meals and eat the food you love in healthier ways.
Recipes and Content just for you and other classmates to share and cook along.
I am beyond
Excited to work with you, teach you delicious recipes and cooking techniques and have fun in the kitchen!!

A little about me

Food and homemade meals has always been the center of my family. Growing up, my mom always made dinner every night. It wasn’t always something fancy, but it was nourishing and made with love. Every Sunday, we would go to my Irish grandparents and have family dinner, usually a pot roast, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. My grandparents also grew vegetables in their backyard and really instilled in me the love of cooking and nourishing your body with homemade food. I love to focus on seasonal ingredients, eating the rainbow, and offering kitchen tips and tricks for home cooking. My hope is to inspire more family dinners, just like I had when I was little. I am teaching the importance of whole real foods and bringing love back into the kitchen one bite at a time.