Supercharge your health

in the kitchen

Supercharge your health in the kitchen to a healthier YOU

No matter where you are on your health journey, you’ll have times when everything clicks and times when things aren’t so easy. A pivotal part of your long term success is creating habits, designing goals, and developing a mindset that supports you every day. These are key to building a healthy foundation layer by layer that you can build on for years to come. One of my favorite aspects of coaching is being able to provide accountability, resources, tools and motivation to my clients. We get to work together to create those layers in your foundation, to identify what in YOUR life brings you joy, and learn how to shop, prepare and eat the foods you love in a healthy way. Bring diversity into your kitchen and learn to cook foods with a ton of flavor and ease.

With that in mind

I am thrilled to announce supercharge your health in the kitchen to a healthier YOU! In this new coaching experience, you’re invited to join me LIVE (or on-demand) for guidance on creating goals and habits to bring more whole foods into your kitchen and cook your way to a healthier you.
Each week we will celebrate your wins, help you lay solid foundational habits, and grow in confidence as you take control of your health. We’ll plan without the pressure of perfection and change the way you look at health. Clean out your pantry, teach you how to navigate the grocery store, meal plan and prep and best of all cook the food you LOVE.


Nutrition and cooking Q&As

Live cooking classes On-demand content

Weekly 90 minute Live group coaching call with Danielle Christy

Guidance on cooking, preparing and buying healthy whole foods

Ditch the diets and numbers counting and find what works for you

Eat the rainbow and get back to having Family meals again

Mindset coaching to empower you and shift your perception on what healthy food

I will help you:

  • Apply expert advice to your health and wellness journey
  • Change the narrative you have on cooking and eating healthy ( Healthy food does not have to be boring)
  • Have fun cooking in the kitchen and love what you eat
  • Gain insights on common struggles and how to overcome them
  • Develop a planning system so you are set up for success each week for meal planning and prepping
  • Learn what foods will make you feel your best and favorite ways to cook them
  • Cultivate positivity about food for yourself & those around you