Favorite Healthy Summer BBQ Tips

Healthy Summer BBQ tips!

With summer here I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite grilling tips. I absolutely love to bbq food. Growing up in southern California my family would grill all year round. Now that I live in Utah there is not as much grilling going on in the winter time. Since the weather has warmed up I am grilling multiple times a week and loving it. From meats to veggies and fruits the possibilities are endless.

I have a standard gas grill but there are so many types from a smoker, charcoal grill , live wood/fire, electric grill and ceramic grills like the egg. My dad literally has every single one kidding but not! Whichever one you have just make sure the grates are clean and you have all your tools ready before the food hits the grill.

Here are some of my favorite tips!

  1. Direct or indirect heat – Use direct if what you are cooking takes less than 20 minutes and indirect when it takes more than 20 minutes. 
  2. Making burgers – put a thumb print in the middle of the raw patty before you cook it it will help the size stay the same and also cause it not to puff up! 
  3. Making skewers – Keep the veggies and meats separate and spread them out enough to cook evenly also make sure you soak your skewers! 
  4. When grilling vegetables wait too season until after. Just brush with oil and as soon as they are done remove from the grill season with salt and brush with your favorite marinade or dressing! This helps get the grill marks and flavor on the vegetables if you salt before the water in the vegetables releases and they get mushy. 
  5. Build your marinade with a ratio of 1:3 acid to oil, if you plan to baste the food with the marinade make sure you either save some on the side before you add the meat or cook on the stove for 5 minutes to kill all the bacteria from the protein. 
  6. Have a flare up do not use water close the lid and it will help reduce the flames. 
  7. For meat one of the most important things is to let it rest at least 15 minutes before you cut into the protein. Also season with more salt than you think the salt helps create the crispy curst we all love. 
  8. Start with a clean grill and don’t move the food around until it is ready to flip
  9. Don’t forget to grill fruit! the natural sugars caramelize and create a delicious tasty salsa or dessert! 
  10. Invest in a good meat thermometer  that way you don’t have to guess with the meat is done. Also take it off the grill right before it is ready as the protein rests the internal temperature raises 5 degrees! 

A few more things its helps if the food you are about to grill is not straight out of the fridge and more room temperature, it will create more even cooking. Have fun and be creative use a variety spices and sauces and don’t forget the LOVE!!

What are your favorite foods to grill?

Recipe for these steaks with a pistachio salsa is in my new EBOOK! I would love you to try it! Have an amazing day!