For me summer time is smoothie time! It’s hot out which makes smoothies so delicious and refreshing for breakfast, lunch or a snack. I love to make my smoothies really thick like ice cream. There is nothing better than a thick and creamy refreshing smoothie plus there is no cooking required.

When I make smoothies I like to follow Kelly Leveque fab four formula. Which is protein, fat, fiber and greens. All four of these ingredients help create a balanced meal and curbs your hunger hormones and blood sugar. One thing with many smoothies is they are full of a ton of fruit and little to no fat or protein which spikes your blood sugar and makes you hungry an hour later.

For this smoothie I used my favorite protein from Primal Kitchen foods , the fat I used was almond butter, flax seeds and blueberries for fiber and a ton of greens. I also add frozen cauliflower rice for added vegetables and it helps make the smoothies thicker( also the kids won’t even notice). The almond milk I love is from JOI the only ingredient is almonds and it comes to you in an environmental friendly container all you have to do is add water. You don’t have to worry about added fillers and the money you save is incredible.

Finally fun healthy add ins and toppings. Here are a few of my healthy favorites if you want to make it a smoothie bowl. Toasted coconut, yogi berries, hemp or chia seeds, more nut butter and toasted nuts! Get create and have fun!