1 ON 1


I will help you

  • Apply expert advice to your health and wellness journey
  • Change the narrative you have on cooking and eating healthy ( Healthy food does not have to be boring)
  • Have fun cooking in the kitchen and love what you eat
  • Gain insights on common struggles and how to overcome them
  • Get back to the basics
  • Develop a planning system so you are set up for success each week for meal planning and prepping
  • Learn what foods will make you feel your best and favorite ways to cook them
  • Cultivate positivity about food for yourself & those around you


  • Weekly 90 minute Live coaching call with Danielle Christy
  • Guidance on cooking, preparing and buying healthy whole foods that cater to your dietary preferences
  • Mindset coaching to empower you and shift your perception on what healthy food
  • Ditch the diets and numbers counting and find what works for you
  • Eat the rainbow and get back to having Family meals again
  • Nutrition and cooking classes via zoom
  • Personalized Pantry Makeover
  • Personalized Meal Plan and prep for your nutrition and eating needs