These turkey tacos are not your average taco! They are full of delicious flavors from the Mediterranean and will become your new go to healthy taco recipe.

Tacos are one of my favorite things to make because the possibilities for fillings are endless. Picture this roasted garlic white bean puree slathered on the bottom of your cabbage leaf, filled with a  ground turkey pomegranate molasses mixture and topped with a mint pistachio pesto. As a result my version of taco heaven.

A few key ingredients in these delicious tacos that  may not be inside your pantry but should be. They include miso paste, pomegranate molasses and roasted garlic. These are three simple delicious ingredients that pair together with many ingredients and take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. The miso adds an unamai punch, pomegranate molasses adds a sweet and tangy punch and the roasted garlic brings a deep addicting flavor that wants you eating more.

Easy, healthy and delicious! Get your cabbage leaves ready and serve it up because this will be your new favorite taco!!