Summer corn there is nothing better and my favorite way to use it is grilled and tossed into a delicious succotash. Did you know that succotash is a dish the originated when the Native Americans first came to America. The ingredients in a succotash are very affordable and nutrient dense especially during the times of the great depression. The main staple is corn, tomatoes and some type of bean. Depending on where you are in America there will be different add ins.

For instance when I lived in the south the succotash always had corn, lima beans, tomatoes and okra. In New England they use the good ole cranberry bean, corn and tomatoes. You can literally add anything you want into it depending on what is in season. Just make sure the corn and beans are a staple. I make mine geared towards my California upbringing with a hint of Mexican flavors and it is delicious!

A few things when you pick corn on the cob. Make sure the husks are moist and green. Also tight around the cob and not peeled back. If you can find organic that is amazing if not just make sure it is non GMO sprayed corn. If you are not going to use the cobs right away wrap them in a damp paper towel and store in the produce drawer until ready to use.