Your new go to easy weeknight roasted chicken with tahini roasted red cabbage and lentils.

This chicken is so simple and delicious I just had to share. I was inspired for this recipe by one of my favorite cookbooks for simple cooking Healthyish by Lindsay Hunt.

The chicken is rubbed in a simple coriander, salt and pepper mix drizzled with melted ghee and baked just to perfection. There are endless ways to prepare cabbage. Here I decided to roast it instead of serving it raw. The key I have learned to making delicious roasted cabbage is high oven heat and spreading the cabbage during the cooking process so it doesn’t steam. It comes out crispy and crunchy. With the tahini lemon combo it is a sure fired winner and one of my new favorite side dishes.

Another staple side dish in my kitchen are lentils . i love them because they are cheap, easy, delicious and full of nutrition. I kept this recipe basic so the flavors of the chicken and cabbage will shine through. One thing I make sure I always do anytime I am making lentils is to use broth instead of water. The broth gives that extra flavor and doesn’t require any additional work. This meal is very versatile you can serve it in a bowl, add some greens and make a giant salad or even soup.