Simple Roasted Strawberries!

Strawberry season is upon us as is Memorial day holly cow is time flying! I could not be more excited for this time of year. The plentiful delicious spring and early summer fruits and vegetables that are upon us. I love biting into a juicy fresh strawberry especially when the juices run down your face.

Best way to pick and store strawberries I have found is tasting if you can if your at the farmers market or to pick based on color. You want a vibrant red berry with green caps on top. To store you really want to eat them as soon as possible. Do not wash them until ready to eat and also make sure you remove any bruised berries as one bruised berry will ruin your entire batch. Store in the fridge the day after you bring them home as they will loose body quickly.

When they start to wilt I love to roast them in the oven like the recipe below. They become soft and the juices caramelize like a homemade jam. I love to bake them up in desserts, use them for breakfast on pancakes and oats and even just spoon on top of ice cream! Anyway you eat them they are delicious.