Pretzel Quinoa Mustard Crusted Chicken Tenders!!

Say hello to your new favorite healthier chicken tender! Crispy on the outside juicy in the inside. Crusted with a pretzel quinoa crust that is sure to indulge every chicken finger craving. I love making healthier versions of childhood favorites and this definite checks all the boxes. These are easy to make and perfect for the kids to help make too! It might be messy but worth it!

I have never met a kid that didn’t like chicken fingers. Especially that we are all still at home i’m sure these will become a repeat in the household. The great thing is this recipe contains all ingredients you probably have at home. Pretzels, quinoa, potato starch or flour, eggs, mustard and avocado oil. I made them a little healthier by using potato starch, using quinoa and pretzels as the crust and cooking them in the oven.

These can be made ahead and last a few days in the fridge or they can also be cooked up and frozen for meals later in the week. Great for breakfast on top of a waffle, for lunch in a salad and dinner as a main. Get the family ready for a new favorite to add to your meal plans!