Peanut Butter Sesame Granola! The Ultimate Granola For All Peanut Butter Lovers.

I have literally made this one a week for the past two months for a family I cook for and they absolutely love it. The kids are allergic to all nuts except peanuts so when I made this for them I was so happy they loved it. It can really be made with any nut butter you enjoy but I really love the peanut butter and sesame combination. All the ingredients are pantry friendly and perfect to make with the kids.

A few tips when making granola. Bake it low and slow at 300’F for about 40-50 minutes and allow the granola to cool completely before touching so you get those large crisp crumbles. When you place the mixture on the baking sheet mold it together with your hands so it is one slab if that makes sense. Final tip is to cook the peanut butter mixture for a few minutes so all of the flavors cook together and develop flavors.

I adapted this recipe from Minimalist Baker I have made quite a few of Dana’s recipes and they are delicious. If you are not familiar with her please check out her site.