Nachos for dinner yes please! A fun idea for a family dinner is to create a nacho bar . Get everyone’s favorite fixings and spread them out on the table and have a feast.

One of my favorite things to do is inter mix roasted veggies with chips. You still get that crunchy chips we all love with nachos but with an extra dose of veggies. I really love using roasted cauliflower because it is one veggie that is really a blank slate and can take on any flavor. It also adds a meatiness to the plate if you aren’t adding any animal protein to the dish.

Sure the chips and roasted veggies are great but we all know the key to a great nacho is in the sauce! For this cheese sauce I choose cashews as the base and amped up the flavor with smoked paprika, sriracha, nutritional yeast and a touch of tomato paste. The more umami flavor the better. When making this sauce I highly recommend you taste it as you go so if you want a touch more spice for heat or a pinch of salt add it in. Everyone’s palates are a bit different especially when it comes to spicy food. I know for me I like to sweat a little LOL.