Deliciously tender flavor packed slow roasted Halibut!

One of the easiest no fuss ways to cook a delicate piece of fish slow roasting. It is such a fantastic way to cook fish because it is almost impossible to mess up. All you need is a fresh piece of wild fish, harissa paste and a few oranges to make make a delicious meal.

The slow roasted halibut cooks up in about 20 minutes making it an effortless and easy go to weeknight dish. You can imagine how tender and delicious the fish is when it comes out of the oven. It is so flaky a fork cuts through it like butter.

Harissa Paste is one of my favorite condiments to keep in my fridge. This hot Chile paste is loaded with a ton of flavor and brings a bit of complexity to the fish and pairs fabulously with orange. I love to serve this with herbed rice and roasted veggies.