Smoky And Spicy Tender Grilled Eggplant Brushed With Spicy Harissa Paste And Topped With A Nutty, Crunchy Dukkah!

Grilled eggplant is the ultimate middle eastern flavor bomb! I don’t know about you but I love cooking and eating with flavors and spices from the middle east. There is such a depth of flavor that can be developed in such a short amount of time its amazing. For this recipe I choose eggplant as the vessel to harissa paste and Dukkah.

Eggplant is in peak season right now and just like zucchini a sponge to anything you pair it with. A few tips when buying and cooking with Eggplant. When buying make sure you look for eggplants with a firm glossy skin and the eggplant itself should feel heavy. For cooking make sure you use enough oil and high heat so the eggplant cooks on the inside but does not get mushy. When I grill eggplant like in this dish I love to cut it in half and score the cut side so the flavors get in all the crevasses.

Harissa Paste is a staple in my fridge I love using it in so many ways and I feel it pairs perfectly with eggplant. You can make your own or buy at the store I like Mina its not too spicy but still has great flavor.

Another staple in my fridge is Dukkah which is an egyptian nut spice blend. The nuts and spices can vary a bit but I love to use pistachios as the main nut with cumin, coriander, fennel and sumac. You simply toast all the ingredients and blend them up in food processor and it lasts in the fridge for a few weeks.

This dish is great for a new bbq side, delicious leftover for a busy week and snacking! Anyway you eat it you will love this fun delicious eggplant dish!