Grilled Vegetable Stand With A Lemon Tahint Dressing

It’s Fathers Day weekend and one thing I know is that Dad’s love to BBQ! If you are firing up the grill this weekend this is the perfect side for whatever meat dad is grilling. My dad is a huge BBQ lover he literally has ever grill you can think of. Wether it’s a smoker, charcoal or gas he loves them all. I am still working on getting my dad to eat more vegetables LOL I feel like he will come around sooner or later!

One of my favorite things about this salad is you can literally use whatever vegetables you have on hand. I used some red cabbage, summer squash, fresh corn, red peppers, onion and fresh herbs. Just make sure you use a few firm vegetables like cabbage so there is more texture and it doesn’t turn out mushy.

A few key tips when grilling vegetables: make sure the grill is hot, oil the grill with avocado oil and wait to season your water heavy vegetables with salt until after they are done cooking. The salt brings out the moisture and doesn’t allow the vegetable to get those delicious grill marks we all love.

Finally to the lemon tahini dressing. As we all know that the dressing makes the salad. I absolutely love tahini its rich, nutty and pairs perfectly with lemon and herbs. I also love to add a pinch of sumac to add one more layer of citrus flavor. Mix it all up and toss it with the grilled vegetables they get coated in pure deliciousness.