Move over Lays there is a new potato chip in town! LOL kidding but not. Have you ever tried making your own potato chips? If you have you know it is quite a process and not always worth all of the labor. Not only that but almost all chips are fried in vegetable oils which do nothing but harm our bodies. If you have any of these oils in your home please try and work on weeding them out of your diet. They bring no nutritional value and have a huge impact on all the processed foods our bodies crave.

Now back to the potatoes. I thought it would be fun to make grilled potato chips and they came out so delicious. I tossed them in a garlic herb mixture which makes them taste like any garlic fries that give you garlic breath at any restaurant you go to. You can use whatever potatoes you love I choose sweet and russet as they have the perfect amount of starch for grilling.

I sliced them a little less than a 1/4 inch thick and steamed them just until fork tender. This step is important because you want to make sure the potato is cooked all the way. Heat your grill to high and toss in olive oil salt and pepper. Grill a few minutes each side and then toss in the garlic mixture. Healthy, delicious and full of flavor way better than that bag of chips in your pantry!